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Qumi Q8, White

Varenummer: Q8-WH

The First Full HD Projector in Pocket SizeWhen you’re looking for the home cinema experience of a large Full HD image on the wall, but don’t want to fix-install your projector in the living-room, this Q8 allows you to just store it anywhere or fashionably just leave it on the coffee table.

The Qumi Q8 is ideal for true home cinema enthusi-asts, but also for creative agencies, designers or architects alike. Turn it on and enjoy a game or movie in lifelike size & dazzling colours – instantly!

It is very easy to wirelessly connect your tablet or phone to the Qumi Q8 to supersize your content. Also, you can store this small pocket sized projector anywhere you want to, or fashionably just leave it on the coffee table as part of your digital devices collection.

Easy to carry or store 621 grams, 190 x 114 x 43 mm

Brilliant and sharp images up to 1,000 lumens brightness with 30,000:1 contrast in native Full HD 1080p resolution

Enjoy the big screen: 3m/120" diagonal

Easily & quickly set up your screen to a perfect shape - even from different angles - with the horizon-tal & vertical keystone adjust-ment function – FIRST TIME AVAILABLE FOR A POCKET SIZED PROJECTOR

Connect wirelessly to project documents, photos, video and more

Entertaining on the go is made possible thanks to its PC-Free Reader to preload media and document files to display without a computer at source

4 GB built-in memory

Produsentens varenummer Q8-WH


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