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Bordmikrofon 4-12 pers (omnidirectional), USB, DSP, BT,WLAN

Varenummer: S310B

Eacome conference phone S310can make a video conferencing or net conferencing call by connecting to the hardware video conferencing terminal or computer via USB or analog audio interface. Meanwhile, S310B can also make a hands-free conference call with mobile phone via the line in/out interface.

Conference microphone  conference phone S310B has 4 inner uni-directional microphones which can gather over 3m and inner high loudness rubidium boron rare earth speaker. S310series product is suitable for small and medium sized professional meeting rooms within 30 square meters.

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● Wide-band acoustic echo cancellation with HD-voice , dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain control, voice band

● Best for conference room within 20-60m and supports 15 attendees.

● 2 external microphones gather cover 5m.

● Offer an auxiliary audio port that allows for external devices to connect to the conference phone.

● Built-in 3-way conference.

● Speaker volume up to 90dB, 12 levels adjustable.

● Convenient and rich function: conference, hold, mute, etc.

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● DSP based deep echo cancellation>-65dB.

● Bi-directional noise suppression >-18dB.

USB VoIP or Line in/Line out, Electrical Specifications

● LINE IN/LINE OUT?connector:3.5mm jack.


● Telephone connection: Analog PBX or standard analog PSTN line

● Audio frequency band: 200Hz-3400Hz


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